Hospice of Frederick County


Hospice of Frederick County has been selected as a local charity for our financial support and an organization to volunteer our time. Hospice is unique since it enables the giving of comfort and support to patients that are dying.

There are many levels that we can volunteer to support Hospice. Hospice of Frederick County describes all of the opportunities and the required training level at each selection.
Five percent of the Hospice patients in the county are cared for at the Kline Hospice House in Linganore or in a nursing home. The remaining ninety-five percent of the terminally ill patients are cared for in their home. 
Hospice supports the patients at home through caregivers who is a family member or close friend. The caregiver is trained by Hospice to recognize when the patient needs particular care including strong pain medication such as morphine. During the process Hospice nurses are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This is the wonderful gift of Hospice since it allows a person to die in their own bed at home being cared for by a person that loves them the most. 
A patient can be under Hospice care for varying lengths of time. As the time gets longer the caregiver becomes weary and is emotionally drained by the inevitable. The stress and anxiety becomes nearly unbearable.
Caregiver relief requires the most Hospice training. It is for sixteen hours over two days. Other opportunities for supporting Hospice require much less training and can be found at their web site.
When we volunteer to relieve that person or provide any other Hospice support it is clearly what Jesus is talking about in Matthew 25:40. There He says, “Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of these who are members of  my family, you did it to me.”