Backpack Ministry

Summer 2017 Middletown Area Backpack food Ministry

The Middletown Area Backpack Food Ministry recently completed its fourth summer food distribution program during which we provided approximately 400 bags (containing the same food we distribute each week during the school year) to 40 children from 16 area families who selected to continue to receive the food in the summer.

In addition to providing weekend food bags on a monthly basis this summer, we provided, for the first time, SHARE food packages containing frozen meats, fresh fruits and vegetables to participating families.  The Back Pack Program sponsored each family to receive 1 bag of SHARE food each month, valued at about $50, at no cost to the families.

And last but not least, we also provided, for the first time, each child with a gift card (donated by the Myersville McDonald’s) to use to purchase a McDonalds ice cream cone.  This was a surprise that the children really enjoyed!!

As always, our Backpack Food Ministry was dependent on the good work of our many Backpack Team Volunteers.  This included:

  • The Shopping Team who purchased the necessary food each month in June, July and August, transported it to Middletown United Methodist Church (MUMC) and loaded it onto the shelves;
  • The Packing Team who took the food from the shelves, packed the food bags and placed them on the tables for pickup;
  • Volunteers from five area churches who transported the bags from MUMC to their churches where they passed out the bags to the parents monthly in June, July and August. These churches included: Faith Baptist Church in Jefferson, Mt Zion United Methodist Church in Myersville, Grossnickle Church of the Brethren between Myersville and Wolfsville,  Salem United Methodist Church in Wolfsville and at MUMC in MIddletown.
  • Volunteers at Mt Zion United Methodist Church (MZUMC) where the SHARE food was distributed.

If you have any questions about how you can participate in our Backpack Food Ministry as we begin our 2017-2018 school year, please contact Deacon Bill Bennett at  john_30201@msn.com.