Confirmation – is a fun, faith exploration experience designed to give students a solid knowledge of scripture, an understanding of the theological content of the faith and, most importantly, how to participate in the life of a religious community.    For more information contact Pastor Beth Hutton at pastorbeth@mtownumc.org

  • Confirmation Information Form – All Prospective Students should complete this form.
  • 2018 Schedule of Classes & Events (you can also use the google calendar below)
  • Worship Visit Form
  • Frontline Faith Worsheet  – FrontLine Faith Articles – NEW  You must complete 4 FrontLine Faith article reviews during confirmation. Daily we all should be looking at the paper and or watching the news or reading news online. (yes you can print articles from the web – just make sure it’s from a reputable news source.) Most importantly look at the worksheet above, the last question on the worksheet is the MOST important. 🙂  Also, things to consider for your frontline faith article would be things you hear and see – like music on the radio, or works of art.  If you are able to consider your faith through these mediums – by all means bring those to light through your frontline faith article.  
  • Confirmation Creed Worksheet for students & sponsors
  • Confirmation banners
  • Books of the Bible Quiz (for fun but also really helpful)
  • Books of the Bible Study Guide


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