The mission of Middletown United Methodist Church is “to make disciples of Jesus Christ by loving God, others and self”.

We understand that as a community of faith we are charged with not only tending to the needs of our congregation, but listening to and responding with compassion to the heart cry of the community.

“God has called us to build a community that invites, welcomes, loves and accepts all people for the purpose of being transformed into deeply committed Christians.”

Our History


The history of the present day Middletown United Methodist Church is actually the story of two of the Middletown valley’s oldest congregations: The Methodist Episcopal Church (1801) and The United Brethren in Christ (1801).

In 1801, Rev. Jacob Baulus was given the task of erecting a chapel in Middletown to be used by the United Brethren and the Methodists. This chapel would become known as the Baulus Chapel.  The worshippers of this church became one of the earliest congregations of the United Brethren in Christ.

During the early 1800’s members of the Methodist and United Brethren congregations shared the Baulus Chapel.  The chapel was located in the area known as the North Commons (now green St.) on the grounds that are now the Lutheran cemetery in Middletown. The Baulus Chapel was destroyed by fire in 1830.

The Martin Box

A new brick building was built in 1831, at the North Commons, and became known as the Martin Box as it looked like an “overgrown birdhouse”.  The two congregations shared this building until 1845 when the United Brethren purchased “the interests of the Methodists”. The two congregations “went their own ways”.

It is uncertain where the Methodists worshiped until the construction of the Wesley Chapel in 1855. (This building still stands on Main St., Middletown) The church was sold to Mr. Emory Coblentz in 1919 with the intention of being used as a Memorial Hall for the veterans of the First World War. Again it is uncertain where the Methodists worshiped.

Otterbein Chapel

The United Brethren remained in the Martin Box chapel until it was sold to the Frederick County Board of Education in 1881. In 1883 the congregation move into a new facility at the corner of South Church and East Main Streets.  With the merger of the Methodists and the United Brethren in Christ in 1968 the congregation became the United Methodist Church.

With growth, a new church was built in 1976 at it’s present location in the Fountaindale area.  Since then the church has expanded three times, it’s latest project nearly doubling the size of the church, was completed in 2006.